AgileLite fingerprint photography system
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AgileLite fingerprint photography system



What is a X-Loupe AgileLite System?

The Lumos Technology AgileLite system provides a powerful LED lighting attachment mounted on the front end of the camera lens, that is compatible with your existing D-SLR camera. Suitable for visible and fluorescent photography.

It makes the process of digital capture of fingerprints and a wide range of evidence very simple.  The AgileLite LED lighting ring fits to your existing D-SLR camera lens via a magnetic adaptor and is powered via the flash port.  The LED lights provide a powerful and even illumination suitable for visible or fluorescent evidence.  Images may be remotely transmitted back to the office using a WIFI enabled camera speeding up hugely the process of evidence capture and identification.


How it works?

X-Core / X-Core Plus

X-Core / X-Core Plus is the control unit for 4X4 Barrel and AgileLite Ring.

4x4 Barrel

The barrel light acts as a mini dark room allowing fluorescent evidence to be captured in normal ambient lighting conditions at a fixed working distance.  Images are also pre-scaled 1:1 with the barrel light and the 60mm Macro lens on the camera.

Available in 4 different wavelengths:

  • White + UV (365 nm)
  • White + Violet (415 nm)
  • White + Blue (470 nm)
  • White + Green (525 nm)



AgileLite Ring

For use with copy stand or illuminating and capturing wide fields of view at the scene. Adjustable angle lighting between 0 and 45 degrees.

Available in 5 different wavelengths:

  • White + UV (365 nm)
  • White + Violet (415 nm)
  • White + Blue (470 nm)
  • White + Green (525 nm)
  • White + IR (840 nm)


4x4 Barrel Characteristics

No need to turn off the light!  The 4x4 barrel has built-in excitation light sources for fluorescent imaging and a filter that attaches onto the magnetic adapter.  Focused, high contrast fluorescent images in seconds! 



AgileLite Ring Characteristics

The system combined with the camera provides a wider area of illumination and can be used for imaging larger evidential material such as body fluids, banknotes etc.. 







































All models are fully configurable and flexible: customers may add additional illumination rings at any time in the future.

Provided with camera filters, goggles, power adaptor

Ruggedised carry case provided


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