NeoScan and ZeeScan
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NeoScan and ZeeScan


The NeoScan and ZeeScan systems from Phase View provides 3D acquisition of objects using the microscope video port without the need for moving the objective or microscope stage.  Fast Z stacking of images with nano step resolution.

Vibration less examination with no objective movement or stage movement.  The components connects directly  to the C-mount video port of your exisiting microscope and with a compatible camera provides high resolution 3D images.

2 models are available.  The NeoScan is suitable for large format sensors > 1"  whereas the Zeescan is only for <= 2/3" sensors.


Features the most advanced properties for fast and precise z-scanning. Instead of using traditional motorized means such as stepper motors or piezo devices, NeoScan or ZeeScan uses a proprietary PhaseView optical assembly for 3D scanning, integrating the latest advances of digital lens technology for accurate and highly repeatable z-steps.


NeoScan and ZeeScan are supplied with GUI software QTImage. An optional API/ SDK is provided for microscopy automated systems with comprehensive 3D acquisition tools.


Applications include:

  • Document examination / handwrting
  • Trace evidence such as Fibres and hairs



View / Download the NeoScan datasheet


View / Download the ZeeScan datasheet


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