Revelation Dual 445nm 532nm laser
Revelation Dual 445nm 532nm laser

The Revelation Dual 445 nm, 532 nm forensic laser is a portable forensic laser from Laser Innovations Ltd providing 8 Watts of output power. Mounted in Peli case with its own integrated battery it is small enough for both crime scene and laboratory examination.

Basic features:-

  • Dual wavelength:  445 nm Blue, 532 nm Green
  • Beam quality: Uniform speckle free illumination
  • Max output power: 8 W at both wavelengths nm
  • Touch Screen Control: For wavelength selection and power intensity control 0.2 W-Max
  • Dead man finger for safety control on/off
  • Mains power  and /  or battery operated
  • Integrated Lithium Ion battery
  • Battery operation time 20 hours typically @ 445nm an 2 hrs at 532nm
  • Weight 14Kg
  • Mounted in Peli case
  • Kit includes carry case goggles, camera filters with 62mm thread.



  • Latent fingerprints
  • Forensic Photography
  • Naturally fluorescent fingerprints
  • Body fluids
  • GSR
  • Bone fragments
  • Hair Fibres
  • Bruises
  • Blood examination


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