EN and CE Bio Safety Cabinet
EN and CE Bio Safety Cabinet

The BIOBASE EN and CE certified Biological safety cabinet provides a large LCD display, automatic air flow, side and back walls from a high grade anti rust stainless steel, with UV lamp, fluorescent lamp and front window. 

2 models to choose from either a 1087mm width unit or a slightly larger 1383mm unit.  





LCD Display                                                                        Front Window

Large LCD display is easy to monitor all the safety                 Two-layer laminated toughened glass > 5mm , anti UV

parameters at a glance; and ergonomically sized 

control panel improves users interface.





UV Lamp                                                                      Work Zone


Emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient            Unibody design





Remote Control for                                                        Waterproof Socket

Convenient Operation





SS Water tap&Gas tap                                               Footmaster Caster

                                                                                   Universal caster with brake and leveling feet.


Cabinet operational video

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