Evidence Drying Cabinet
Evidence Drying Cabinet

The Voigtlander Forensics Evidence Drying Cabinet is the only drying cabinet on the market that is based on electronic humidity control which prevents touch and cross contamination.


Key advances of the Evidence Drying Cabinet include:-

Electronic sensor to monitor whether evidence is dry or not.  Prevents evidential items requiring the operator to touch them to check they are dry or not which minimised cross contamination.

Internal micro-sleeve located at the bottom of the cabinet to catch prevent small items which may fall out during the drying process 

Integrated water tank (drain) for easy disposal of waste water.

Easy to clean design

Optional UV-C 254nm for DNA sterlization.

Internal HEPA and Carbon filters to capture small evidential particles and to remove odours.




850 mm (W) x 700 mm (D) x 2140 mm (H) External

750 mm (W) x 675 mm (D) x 1500 mm (H) Internal


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