Fortelite Anti-stokes fingerprint imager
Fortelite Anti-stokes fingerprint imager



ForteLite Anti-Stokes fingerprint photography system

Anti-Stokes fingerprint powders provide an excellent alternative solution for imaging fingerprints on difficult surfaces such as highly patterned surfaces and multicoloured surfaces.  The powder is illuminated with an invisble Infra-red light usually at 980nm and this produces an anti-stokes wavelength shift to produce a green visible fingerprint.  


The Fortelite contains multiple high energy 980nm LEDs in a ring light that can be attached directly to your DSLR camera.   The ring light acts as a miniture dark room so when the infrared illumination is switched on the background is not visble but a very high contrast fingerprint can be captured and pre-scaled 1:1.



Key features

  • Simple fingerprint capture with 1:1 scaling
  • 2 illuminations settings White +  Anti-stokes (IR)
  • Powerful 980nm LED lighting ring
  • Portable system for lab or crime scene
  • Compatible with Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras





  • Fingerprint photography on multi-coloured / patterned /  coloured surfaces
  • High contrast imaging with background removal
  • Covert imaging


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