Micro shoot evidence imaging system
Micro shoot evidence imaging system



What is Handheld Micro Shoot Series?

The MicroShoot evidence imaging system is a ring shaped lighting attachment which connects to the end of digital camera.  It provides magnified x 60 or x 120 images of fluorescent items quickly and easily removing background light. Can be used for capture and recording of forensic evidence or security features such as banknotes, security printed items, fibres.



  • Allowing 0 cm working distance, can be used against object to remove background light.
  • Lens magnification 60X / 120X, built-in White / blue dual light sources can be freely alternated.
  • 11 modes of illuimination providing different angles of illumination.
  • Freely adjustable light intensity, is dimmable from 1% to 100% with 5-step dimming modes.

Lighting in 11 modes, can varied in direction to illuminate surface structure.

Intensity is dimmable from 1%~100% with base 5-step dimming plus the Turbo (high intensity) mode, light source brightness can be freely adjusted.

Interchangeable lens can reach 60-120X magnification, support the using in a variety of environments.

Built-in white / blue LED, dual light source can be freely switched to meet various professional needs

























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