Milu L10 Plus Multispectral footwear search system
Milu L10 Plus Multispectral footwear search system


The Milu L10 Plus Multispectral footwear light source is a portable battery operated light source for evidence detection on flat surfaces for footwear marks at the crime scene and examination of Gel lifts. It comprises of a 50 W LED array with removable polarising light, White, UV, Blue/Green in-built illumination with adjustable tilt angle.


Technical Information

  • Light source: 50W LED array
  • Optical Lens with adjust illumination angle for good contrast between footwear and ground
  • Built-in Polarized light on/off,
  • Built-in light source : White(400-700nm), UV365nm, Blue 450nm,Blue/Green 530nm, All with output intensity adjustment from 0-100%
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery pack, capacity 19V 4750mAh
  • Coulomb integral battery indicator; accurate display of battery level
  • Integrated foldable telescopic handle, extendable height up to 650mm
  • Total dimensions (L xWxH)270 x 226 x 93 mm,
  • Weight 3.5kg
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