OR-GYG30B White uniform light with clip on RGB filters
OR-GYG30B White uniform light with clip on RGB filters


oR-GYG30B forensic WHITE light with optional clip on contrast rgb filters

The OR-GYG30B is a battery operated LED White light rated at > 12 Watts.  The beam produces a uniform circular spot ideal for crime scene investigation with 3 power settings for brightness and 1 for blinker.  It combines a heavy duty Lithium Ion battery with operating time > 2.5 hrs.  The light can also be fitted with optional magnetic clip on contrast filters provided in Red, Green and Green.

Key Specifications:-


White 400-700nm

Power rating

> 12 Watt LED

Power adjustable

3 power level settings and 1 blinker mode

Battery type

Lithium Ion re-chargeable integrated battery

Battery operation time

>2.5 hours in continuous use

Light spot diameter

22cm at 1 metre working distance

Uniformity of spot



275 mm x 45 mm diameter


0.72 kg

Body material

Heavy duty aluminium alloy - black

Contrast filters

Provided as an option in set of 3 RGB (Red 630nm, Green 520 nm and Blue 470 nm)


Provided with ruggedized transport case and UK or EU mains charger



  • Crime Scene investigation – general evidence search
  • Fingerprint examination
  • Shoe prints


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