Phonexia Orbis
Phonexia Orbis

Innovative Audio Analysis

  • Uncover the parts of interest instantly with automatic analysis of an entire set of audio recordings with Phonexia’s cutting-edge, AI-powered voice biometrics and speech technologies.

    Phonexia Orbis | Revolutionary Software for Audio Recordings Investigation

Efficient Investigation

  • Make progress with investigations faster by always having crucial information at your fingertips, using an intuitive user interface designed to show you the most important information first.


Effortless Voice Recognition

  • Never miss a person of interest’s voice with the automatic detection of the same voice biometrics patterns across the investigated set of audio recordings that groups identical voices together.

    Phonexia Orbis | Revolutionary Software for Audio Recordings Investigation

Fast Audio Investigation Software

Powered by Phonexia's cutting-edge voice biometrics and speech recognition, Phonexia Orbis Investigator is a revolutionary out-of-the-box solution for the rapid investigation of audio recordings. Its intuitive interface and unique features empower investigators with fast, bespoke audio analyses, instant network visualizations, case-specific notes, and efficient reporting.

Designed for Law Enforcement Agencies

Key Capabilities


Insights Customization

Each case is different and requires a unique approach for it to be solved. Phonexia Orbis Investigator allows you to define which insights are the most important for your case, so you can crack it as efficiently as possible. 

Smart Audio Player

Audio recordings do not contain 100% of speech from the beginning to end. Phonexia Orbis Investigator makes your investigations faster with a smart audio player that detects the speech occurrences for you to listen to.

Case Network Visualization

Understanding the relationships between the persons of interest can be a great challenge. Phonexia Orbis Investigator provides an easy-to-comprehend network map functionality to visualize and report all the links clearly. 

On-Premises Installation

Sensitive data requires exceptional security. Phonexia Orbis is offered as an on-premises software solution that can be installed in your own infrastructure, giving you absolute control over data exposure.




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