Regula 7310
Regula 7310

A small yet powerful verification partner


The Regula 7310 is a smartphone-sized portable device for identity verification with external fingerprint scanner.

Regula 7310 is designed to enable thorough document authentication and biometric data capture in any place and on the go. The indestructible rugged body ensures performance in all conditions while conveniently fitting in the palm of your hand.

Proven by road police, the device instantly reads and verifies passports, IDs, driver’s licenses, and other identity documents.

Comprehensive verification right in your hands. Examine documents in white, ultraviolet, and infrared lights thanks to the double 48MP/8MP camera.

Straight, sideways, or upside down, put a document on the device, and the built-in NFC reader extracts data from the RFID chip. Unscramble all kinds of barcodes, including QR codes. Fetch all the details with advanced OCR to eliminate any manual data entry.

The face matching module compares the portraits on the document and in the chip with your database, as well as the picture taken at the scene. The fingerprint scanner captures the biometrics, and the live finger detection technology doesn’t leave a chance for replicated fingerprints to go through. 

A small device for a forefront user, Regula 7310 can be a part of a bigger security ecosystem. The device comes with an SDK, so document authentication results are available for further use within your existing system.




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