Regula 88XX
Regula 88XX

The Regula 88XX system is a ulta high reoslution imaging system too automatically capture security features embeeded onto banknotes, ID cards and passports.  With resolutions exceeding 100Mpixel and 3 different models to choose from depending on the examination the light sources required. 



  • Caputing and process of ultra high resolution images
  • The device enables examination of microprinting in white and IR, security features such as intaglio, laser engraving in oblique and white light, OVD and holograms, security features in IR (720, 870, 940nm) security features in transmitted white and IR light, Security features in UV-A, B and C illumation, retroreflective protection, IR luminescence, IR luminescence and anti-stokes illumination.
  • In built colour PC and tocuh screen monitor








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