Regula IRS Secure database
Regula IRS Secure database

The Regula IRS Secure database is a comprehensive reference database featuring documents, banknotes and their security features. 203 countries and 274,000 documents, providing detailed information about the security features of each document with high resolution images.


  • Detailed description of documents and banknotes, their security features and printing techniques.
  • Images of:
    • document pages in white, IR, UV 254 and 365 nm spectral ranges, IR luminescence, anti-Stokes luminescence;
    • banknotes in white, IR, UV 254 and 365 nm spectral ranges, IR luminescence, anti-Stokes luminescence;
    • magnetic ink patterns of banknotes
    • security features and techniques such as microprinting, intaglio, watermarks, holograms, etc.;
  • Glossary with descriptions and illustrations of security features and techniques.


Volume of data

  • 203 countries
  • 194 currencies
  • 2 607 passports, 150 visas, 894 vehicle related documents, 4 574 banknotes, 2 323 coins



  • Brief — includes only document and banknote images in different spectral ranges for basic control
  • Express — includes some basic security features, document and banknote images for operative control
  • Forensic — includes security features and images for advanced document and banknote examination
  • Ultra — professional version for expert examination of documents and banknotes, which includes additional images of documents (anti-Stokes luminescence, IR luminescence, magnetic protection of documents)
  • Forensic Pro/Ultra Pro — expert versions for advanced document and banknote examination with a special Document Builder application used for adding images of new documents, banknotes and their security features to the IRS.


Special features

  • Possibility to select the amount of information provided;
  • High resolution images of documents, banknotes, their security features and techniques;
  • GIF-animation of holograms and OVI-elements available in Forensic/Forensic Pro/Ultra/Ultra Pro versions;
  • Easy to search;
  • Possibility to add:
    • description and comments to existing documents and banknotes;
    • images and description of new documents and banknotes using Document Builder application in Forensic Pro/Ultra Pro version;
  • Integration with Regula Forensic Studio software for image processing, comparing examined objects with reference images of document pages and banknotes;
  • Multilingual interface
  • Automatic update (requires Internet connection);
  • Distant training for system operation;
  • User-friendly interface.



  • Forensic services
  • Financial institutions
  • Police
  • Border control and immigration services
  • Customs authorities
  • Aviation security services
  • Car rental and leasing companies
  • Visa support agencies, consulates, notaries
  • Insurance companies
  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents and banknotes


Information reference system installation

  • Local
  • Network
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